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Windhoek Car hire Namibia

Car rental Namibiadeutsch

4x4 Car rental Namibia - Car hire Windhoek Namibia

Welcome to Okavango Car hire in Windhoek, the largest city in Namibia. You have come to the right place for 4x4 car rental Namibia, and to hire a rental car for your travels and adventures around Windhoek and the rest of Namibia.

Windhoek is perfectly positioned to be your 'home base' when discovering all the amazing attractions Namibia has to offer visitors, and we are well equipped to assist you with your travel itinerary as well as suggest locations to visit.

We are a young dynamic team with more than 8 years of car hire and tourism and car rental in Namibia. We have a firm belief in excellent customer service, and provide the preferred service that customers require and expect from a professional car rental company. Our vehicles have factory warranties, are very well maintained, and each thoroughly checked before leaving our depot by our on site mechanical team.

Car rental Namibia rental rates

Namibia's bountiful sunshine, abundance of wildlife, scenic beauty and rich diversity of geological phenomena make it a sought after tourist destination. Namibia has much to offer the adventurous, including hiking, hot-air ballooning, dune boarding, mountain biking, hunting, camping and fishing.

We are also able to service your camper hire and camping equipment needs while you travel this vast country. We have a full range of camping equipment available, which can be packed into your vehicle, depending on your requirements. Our rental vehicles are specially equipped for all adventures and camping in Southern Africa, and are not only tough and reliable, but are very comfortable and spacious inside, our vehicles also all come standard with air conditioning, power steering, and CD players, with camping gear available on request.

We are pleased to announce that we also have accommodation available in Windhoek should you require it. Please contact us for details about the accommodation which is both comfortable and affordable.

Ladies, NOW with FREE Extras that apply to you!

  • If you need a baby seat to be included with the rental car, we are happy to provide one free of charge for the duration of your rental!
  • If you need an additional driver and that driver is a woman, there is NO extra daily charge for her to be the additional driver! 

Namibia gps rentalGPS Navigation:

We are happy to say that we do have Garmin GPS units available for rental with your vehicles. The GPS units are available from N$50 a day. Now you dont have to worry about getting lost while you travel through Namibia!

Our Office GPS Co-ordinates are S 22°35.525' and E 17°05.825'

Namibia Tourism Associations:

  • We are members of CARAN (Car Rental Association of Namibia), and subscribe to the conditions set by the association, and provide a guarantee that vehicles we rent are in peak condition, are regularly serviced and maintained. We have a sufficient backup service, in the event of a breakdown, we are able to remedy the situation efficiently.
  • We are members of the NTB (Namibia Tourism Board), and as such ensure that the services rendered and facilities we provide to tourists comply with the prescribed standards.
  • We are members of the Bed and Breakfast Association of Namibia, as we are able to offer accommodation in Swakopmund and Windhoek.
Choose us for car rental in Namibia!

4x4 Car rental Namibia

Namibia car rental

When renting a 4x4 rental car in Namibia, its often difficult to decide which vehicle is best for you and your travel needs.

Make use of our virtual tours of our rental cars for Namibia. By clicking the image on the left, you can browse the 4x4's we have available for rental in Namibia.

Please dont hesitate to contact us with your car rental requirements for Namibia.

We look forward to providing you with excellent rental cars, at affordable prices.

- Okavango car rental team (Windhoek, Namibia)


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Phone: +264 61 306 553
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Hallo Rudi, So schnell geht die sch?Zeit in Namibia zu Ende und ich sitze wieder hier in Deutschland. Noch einmal vielen Dank f? perfekte Betreuung und Hilfe, besonders bei der Auswahl und Ausstattung des Land Cruisers. Es hat alles ohne Pannen wunderbar geklappt. Viele Gr?ch an Natascha in der Hoffnung auf ein Wiedersehen in Eurem gem?en Haus mit dem besten Pool-Blick in ganz Namibia.

- Ina Gahmann - Duisberg, Germany

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